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Bauer's Jewelry

Contact: Mike and Steve


420 Court Street
Saginaw, Michigan 48602

Phone: 989.799.0931

Bauer's Jewelry was founded in 1891 by C.F. Bauer. Bauer's interest in jewelry started with taking jewels out to the lumber camps to sell to the lumberman.

Years later Bauer hired two brothers to work in his store, Laurence E. Schultz and Jack M. Schultz. Both brothers worked for Mr. Bauer until his death in 1929. Laurence E. Schultz bought the store from Mrs. Bauer during the depression on a 10 year contract. In 1933 Jack M. Schultz briefly took a job at Bud's Jewelry in Kalamazoo, Mi. for $25.00 a week while Laurence held down the store in Saginaw. Jack moved back with his family in 1937 and resumed working at Bauer's.

Don R. Schultz, brother to Laurence and Jack also worked at Bauer's and learned clock and watch repair. Don went off to fight in WWII, when he came back he did trade work for the store.

Laurence E. Schultz sold the store to his brother's Jack and Don in 1953. Don eventually left the business to pursue the accounting business while Jack with his wife Bernice retained ownership of the store. Jack M. Schultz died in 1966.

Mrs. Bernice Schultz kept the store going with the help of Bernice and Jack's son Jack D. Schultz. Jack D. Schultz was a certified Gemologist with the American Gem Society, diamond salesman, stone setter and jewelry appraiser. Jack D. Schultz took over ownership in 1970 with his wife Beverly.

Bill Miller was hired by Jack M. in 1963 as a Goldsmith, Bill continued working at Bauer's until his retirement in 2000.

Jack D. and Beverly's son Steve started his apprenticeship in 1975 and his brother Michael apprenticed in 1981. Steve and Mike are the current owners of Bauer's Jewelry. Steve is President of the company and a registered jeweler with the American Gem Society. Mike is Vice President of the company and a Goldsmith. Both Steve and Mike specialize in all custom work, repair and all loose and mounted jewelry.

The Schultz brothers continue the old time values and tradition instilled in them by their father Jack D. Schultz.