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Grauf's Service Center

Contact: Tom


102 S. Alexander
Saginaw, Michigan 48602

Phone: 989.790.3904

I began working at Grauf's Standard as a youngster in high school at age 15. My father began working for his father at the same age of 15. My grandfather took over as dealer of a newly opened Standard Oil gas station in 1927.

The industry has evolved much over 3 generations. In the mid 80's, we went independent from Standard oil, eventually leaving the gasoline business completely. Today, at the same location, Grauf's Service Center continues to provide high quality Auto maintenance and repairs for our customers. With the ever changing industry we live with, we stay atop of cutting edge technology and advancements along with 2 ASE certified technicians in our small facility. We continue to serve as a "neighborhood business" but reach much further out into the community and surrounding area.